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Saturday, July 21st 2012

1:39 PM

Miniskirt preteen models


Related article: Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 16:41:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Mendenhall
Subject: Daddy's New Boy Part FourIt was a big night at Daddy's Gym. They called it "The Results Show." A
space was cleared at one end of the gym, and a spotlight hung from the
ceiling. All the members who were not participating were seated in a
semi-circle, chattering. Excitement ran high.Participation was by invitation only, and Daddy did the inviting. Any
young man who had achieved results to be proud of in the previous year had
a shot at being asked to pose. John was acting as master of ceremonies."Attention! Quiet please! Our first athlete nude teens preteen joined the gym just six
months preteen farm girls ago, but has made tremendous strides in that time. Let's hear it
for Bobby Nichols!"Everyone applauded as a shy fourteen-year-old stepped into the light.
Bobby girls toes preteen had been a pudgy, pale, nervous boy, with no athletic experience
whatsoever. John's brother Jason had taken him under his wing, and under
his tutelage he had blossomed into a confident young charmer who preteen swimsuit modles
was much
beloved by everyone at the gym. He struck a pose and everyone marveled at
the chiseled abs that popped into view. He had worked so hard, and it
showed. His every pose was met with cheers, and his stage-fright left him,
to the point where he dared to finish-off with a "most-muscular." This
super-macho pose was followed by a polite bow that would not have looked
out of place at a ballet recital. The contrast was amusing."Next, I am proud to present my brother Jason!"Jason, now sixteen, entered and began a series of classic, aesthetic poses
that showed off the lines of his beautiful physique. John felt such pride
in his little brother, preteen story incest remembering the skinny, shy boy he had been not long
before. The applause was appreciative."I now present our latest contest winner, Adam Richards, who took the teen
overall for the state just last week."Adam was an idol and inspiration for most of the boys in the gym. A gifted
natural athlete, his football career had been sidelined by an injury, and
in the process of rehabilitation, he had discovered his true calling:
bodybuilding. With Daddy's help, he had developed a competition-worthy
physique, and seemed to be developing as a person too. Initially he had
been somewhat cocky, with the born jock's sense of entitlement, but Daddy
had set him straight about that. It was hard for anyone to be too arrogant
with a specimen like Daddy around. Having entered the gym scene at a later
age than most of the boys, he had never been privy to Daddy's "special"
relationships, and no one seemed to have any clue what his sexual
proclivities might be. But there were plenty of boys who wanted to find
out.Chief among these was Aaron Rider, a sixteen-year-old blond with the looks
of a boy-band idol and the body of a gymnast. He had his eye on Adam
whenever possible and Adam knew it. It made him uncomfortable in a way he
didn't quite understand. There were lots of things Adam didn't understand.
His body and abilities had allowed him to coast through life without having
to think too much, and he resented it when life threw something at him that
seemed to require that. So it was vaguely annoying to him to see Aaron
seated front and center as he walked into the spotlight and started the
routine that had won him the state title.John punched a button on a boom box, and hard rock filled the room with
pulsing energy as Adam hit pose after pose, striations writhing on his
beefy body, veins squiggling beneath paper-thin skin.Aaron knew every one of Adams stats and recited them in his head as Adam
posed. Neck, arms and calves: nineteen inches. Chest: forty-eight inches.
Waist: thirty-two inches. Quads: twenty-six inches. There was one stat he
didn't know though, and longed to: dick size. The black posing trunks
contained a hefty bulge, but who knew how big it got? He stared at it, as
if willing it to grow. And, to his astonishment, it did!Adam was preteen ls dreams watching Aaron check out his package. It pissed him off...and it
excited him too. "You wanna see it?" he thought. "Well, check this out!"
And as he flexed, his cock swelled. It was a good thing he had pointed it
down instead of up, or it would soon had been poking over the waistband.
As it was, the heavy package was pulling his trunks down so low that soon
the thick root of his meat was clearly visible. Luckily, his routine ended
just then, and he cast a "take that" look back over his shoulder at Aaron,
who was adjusting his own swollen member in his pants."Well, said John, clearing his throat, "that was most revealing." Some of
the boys tittered. "And now, video preteen ls
the moment you've all been waiting for. The
man who is an inspiration to us all: Big Daddy!"Cheers as Daddy entered. He did this for his boys once a year, allowing
them to see him in his full glory, or nearly so. Though he no island preteen model longer
competed, he was still in awesome shape, and actually bigger than he had
ever been on stage. The boys fell silent as Daddy kneeled, his back to
them, then hit a back double biceps. He stood, his red trunks disappearing
between his ripped glutes. He rose onto his toes, his hamstrings and
calves selling with surreal muscle. Then he spread his lats, wider and
wider, until they actually went past his shoulders."My God," John thought. "You could show a movie on that."Then he turned, and the impact of all that chiseled, shining, pulsing beef
was so great, an audible gasp went through the room. Daddy's chin rested
between his pecs as he hit a preteen model michelle front lat spread. A thigh-and-ab pose
revealed furrows so deep you could lose a hand in them. His crab shot sent
crazy veins snaking all over him, clear up into his scalp. There were no
cheers now, just awed, worshipful silence.Then came Daddy's favorite part. He walked into the crowd and began to
pose in their midst. Astonished faces looked up as Herculean beef came
close enough to touch; and touch they did. Young hands slid up those
mighty legs onto rock-hard glutes. Daddy bent over so boys could touch his
mighty arms, his armor-plated chest. He straddled one young man who found
himself staring directly up at the straining pouch of Daddy's trunks. A
drop of some kind fell on his face. Sweat? Precum? Daddy looked down at
him and winked. The kid nearly swooned.On and on he went, showing off what the years of labor preteen swimsuit modles had wrought. The
atmosphere was ripe with sexual tension. Finally he took his bow and left.
There was a moment of silence, as the boys seemed to preteen cherry com come out of a daze,
then whoops and hollering and applause. At last John restored order."That brings to a close this years Results Show. Remember, train hard, and
you may be selected to appear next year!"The crowd broke-up and the excited hubbub faded away as they exited the
gym. John left Jason and Jake to handle the clean up. He knew the state
Daddy would be in, and wanted to get home quickly nude preteen parties to bbs preteen svens tend to his man's
needs. Sure enough, when he got to the car, Daddy had his massive phallus
already unleashed from his fly, and John began to service it as they sped
away.Back at the gym, all the contestants were dressed and gone except one.
Adam remained in the back room. He had been forced to wait as the other
boys changed back into their clothes and left. He hadn't wanted to undress
in front of them; not because he had anything to be ashamed of; far from
it. But he had been hugely erect ever since his exhibition, and he didn't
want to deal with the hoots he felt sure this would bring, if exposed. So
he had found excuses to keep his back to the others until he felt sure he
was alone. As the last of the voices died away, he pulled down his trunks,
unleashing his trapped meat with a sigh of relief. Now at last he could
pump out a load. He started to do so, when he heard something stir."Shit!" he cried. "Who's there?""It's me; Aaron. I though maybe you could use some help.""Nah; I'm fine." To Adam's annoyance, Aaron actually walked over to where
he could see Adam's big boner in his fist."Kinda looks like you've got a problem to me," he preteen video nonude said, smirking. "Sure
you don't want some help with that?"Adam had had it. "What is it with you, dude? Always staring at me. Is
this what you want? russian underage preteens
You wanna suck my fat cock?" He turned and let his
turgid organ point directly at Aaron."As a matter of fact, horny preteen model
that's exactly what I want," Aaron said, with
infuriating nonchalance. He walked right up to Adam and dropped to his
knees. Adam stared down preteen lingerie models at him, slack-jawed. He couldn't quite believe
this was really happening. Aaron grabbed him by the hips and pulled the
dripping head of Adam's dick into his open mouth."Holy fuck!" Adam shouted, as Aaron's tongue and lips worked-over his cock.
He grabbed the blonde's head and pulled it into his crotch, gagging Aaron.
Then he began pistoning his russian preteen preview prick into the boy's mouth like a jackhammer.
Aaron struggled to keep-up with the overwhelming drive of this jock stud,
as the big sweaty balls slapped against his chin. All too soon, he felt
the muscle-boy trembling with his imminent release."Aw, yeah...here it fuckin' comes! AAAHHH!"Aaron pulled his head back enough so that the load poured into his mouth,
allowing him to enjoy the taste before he swallowed. When video preteen ls
the spurting
finally stopped, he pulled-off the big meat and smiled up at Adam."You got any more of that for me?" Aaron said."Look at the size of my nuts, bitch. You think I only got one load in me?""So, am I your cocksucker now?""Fuck yeah, you are. Let's get the hell out of here so you can take care of
my dick all night, babe."Jason looked out the window as Aaron got onto the back of Adam's Harley and
wrapped his arms around his waist as they sped off into the night. He and
Jake had just finished cleaning-up the gym, and Jake was locking the doors.
Soon he felt Jake's huge arms encircle him from behind."Whatcha thinkin', sweetheart?""Oh, how much I love you, of course." Jake turned him around and kissed
him deeply."Do you have any idea how much you turned me on with that routine tonight?""If it's half as much as I'm turned-on it must be a lot.""Oh yeah? You liked showing-off mostly naked in front of a russian preteen preview bunch of muscle
boys? What kind of a slut are you becoming?" Jake joked."The kind that needs to be fucked, right now. Here. Come-on, husband;
fuck your boy-wife right here on the counter."This was too much for Jake to resist, and soon they were both naked and
Jason's legs were over Jake's massive shoulders as his huge dong pounded
relentlessly into Jason's hot boy-pussy."Oh, yes, you awesome stud! Hurt me with that big dick! Plow me like the
over-sexed bodybuilding freak-of-nature you are!"Jason gazed up at Jake's muscles contorting as he fucked, and smelled the
scent of a man in rut, Jake's sweat dripping onto him. The inner tension
was building so high, he thought he might die before he achieved release.
He lost all control, tossing his head back and forth, shrieking his joy.
Finally he made a demand that sent them both over the edge."Flex those huge guns for me, you gigantic boy-fucker!"Jake brought his arms up and flexed hard, and his inner floodgates opened,
pouring the product of his swollen gonads into Jason's spasming hole.
Jason's jizz shot far over his head, hanging like ropes from the light
fixture.They both collapsed. As he recovered, Jason opened his eyes and saw the
messy light. He laughed."Guess I know what I'll be cleaning tomorrow."Jake pulled his relaxing penis from Jason's depths, and a flood of sperm
poured out onto the glass countertop."Me too," he laughed.
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12:00 AM

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